PayPal Brasil irá taxar tributos para a RFB

A partir do próximo mês o PayPal, por meio de uma atualização dos termos de serviço, irá taxar tributos para a Receita Federal. O contribuinte inclusive terá que declarar seus gastos do serviço na Declaração do Imposto de Renda do ano que vem.

Veja abaixo o texto original (Inglês):

In Section 17 For Brazilian Users:Please be advised that the PayPal services are provided by PayPal Pte. Ltd., a Singapore company. Because you are doing business with a foreign company, you are legally required to pay taxes based on the fees that you have paid to PayPal Pte. Ltd., as follows:

  • Withholding tax to the Federal Revenue of 25%
  • CIDE tax to the Federal Revenue of 10%
  • ISS tax to your local municipality of 2-5% (please check with your accountant or tax advisor to get the correct amount)

To determine your tax liability, you must first determine the amount of fees that you have paid to PayPal. To do so, please take the following steps:

  • Log into your PayPal account:
  • Click the “My Account” tab;
  • Click on “View all my transactions”
  • Sort by the appropriate tax year;
  • Add up all the amounts listed as “Fee”